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To remove Retrax bed cover, unlock it and slide it to the fully open position. Unscrew the mounting brackets and lift it off.

Retrax bed covers offer excellent protection and style for your truck bed. Over time, you might need to remove it for maintenance or replacement. The process is straightforward, requiring a few simple tools and a bit of patience. First, ensure the cover is fully unlocked and retracted.

This makes accessing the mounting brackets much easier. Next, locate and unscrew the brackets securing the cover to the truck bed. Carefully lift the cover off to avoid any damage. Following these steps will help you efficiently remove Retrax bed cover, maintaining your truck’s appearance and functionality.

Introduction To Retrax Bed Covers

Retrax bed covers are useful for truck owners. They protect the cargo from weather and theft. Installation is simple and requires no drilling. These covers are durable and long-lasting. Many truck owners love the sleek design of Retrax covers. They also enhance the look of the truck.

Retrax bed covers provide security for your cargo. They keep items safe from rain and snow. The cover prevents theft by locking in place. Installation is easy and does not need special tools. These covers improve fuel efficiency by reducing drag. Aesthetically pleasing, they add value to your truck.

Sometimes, the cover gets damaged and needs replacing. Truck owners may want to upgrade to a new model. The cover might get stuck and become hard to use. Cleaning and maintenance can be another reason for removal. Selling the truck without the cover is another common reason. Some owners prefer an open bed for large items.

Tools And Materials Needed

Gather a socket wrench, screwdriver, and a soft cloth to effectively remove Retrax bed cover. Ensure all necessary tools and materials are on hand for a smooth process.

Listing Essential Tools

Use a screwdriver to remove screws. A socket wrench helps with nuts and bolts. Pliers can grip and twist parts. Have a soft cloth to clean surfaces. Lubricant helps loosen tight parts. Keep a container for small parts.

Safety Equipment And Precautions

Wear gloves to protect your hands. Use safety glasses to shield your eyes. Work in a well-lit area to see clearly. Keep children and pets away from the work zone. Read the manual before starting. Avoid rushing to prevent mistakes.

Preparation Steps

Gather necessary tools like a socket wrench and screwdriver. Unscrew the side rails and end caps carefully. Lift the cover off gently.

Securing The Vehicle

Ensure the vehicle is parked on a flat surface. This helps prevent any rolling or movement. Engage the parking brake for added safety. It’s important to turn off the engine to avoid any accidents. Make sure all doors are closed to keep the vehicle stable. Safety should always come first.

Clearing The Truck Bed

Remove all items from the truck bed to make space. This includes tools, debris, and any other objects. Check for any hidden items that might be stuck. Clear the area to have a clean workspace. It makes the process easier and faster. A clean truck bed is key to removing the cover safely.

easy remove retrax bed cover

Removing The Cover

Learn how to easily remove Retrax bed cover from your truck. Follow step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth removal process. Enjoy quick and hassle-free maintenance for your vehicle.

Unlocking The Retrax Cover

Find the lock on your Retrax bed cover. Use your key to unlock it. Turn the key to the open position. Make sure the lock is fully open. This will let you move the cover easily. Keep the key in a safe place.

Sliding The Cover Open

Grab the handle of the bed cover. Pull it towards you. Slide the cover all the way open. Use steady, even pressure. Make sure it moves smoothly. If it gets stuck, check for debris. Clear any obstructions. Keep sliding until the cover is fully retracted.

Disassembling The Retrax System

Removing the Retrax bed cover involves loosening the clamps and sliding the cover off the rails. Carefully detach the canister and ensure all parts are stored safely for reinstallation. Following these steps will make the disassembly process smooth and efficient.

Detaching Side Rails

Start by opening the tailgate. Locate the screws securing the side rails. Use a screwdriver to loosen them. Once loose, carefully slide the rails off. Make sure to keep the screws safe. You will need them later. Handle the side rails with care to avoid scratches.

Releasing The Canister

The canister is next. Begin by locating the mounting brackets. Remove the bolts with a wrench. Gently lift the canister out. It might be heavy, so ask for help if needed. Keep the bolts in a safe place. Store the canister securely. This will prevent any damage.

Handling The Canister

Start by disconnecting the canister components. First, find the release lever. Pull the lever to unlock the canister. Next, remove the screws holding the canister. Use a screwdriver to take them out. Keep these screws safe. You will need them later.

Lift the canister carefully. It might be heavy, so ask for help. Avoid scratching the truck bed. Move the canister slowly and place it on a flat surface. Check for any remaining screws and remove them. Make sure the area is clean. This will help during reinstallation.

Final Steps

Ensure the bed cover is fully retracted. Release the securing latches and remove the clamps. Lift the cover off carefully.

Inspecting The Truck Bed

Check the truck bed for any leftover pieces or debris. Ensure all screws and bolts are removed. Look for any damage or dents that might have occurred. Clean the truck bed with a soft cloth and some water. This will help in maintaining the truck bed’s condition. Make sure the bed is completely dry before storing the cover.

Storing The Retrax Cover Properly

Find a safe place to store the Retrax cover. Avoid placing it on rough surfaces. Keep the cover in a dry area to prevent rust or damage. Use a protective cover if available. This will help in protecting it from dust and dirt. Label the parts if needed for easy reassembly later.

remove retrax bed cover

Reinstallation Tips

Proper alignment is key for reinstallation. Make sure the cover is centered. Check both sides for equal spacing. Position the cover parallel to the bed rails. This ensures a snug fit. Use a tape measure for accuracy. Double-check before securing the cover. Incorrect alignment can cause issues.

Test the cover after installation. Slide it open and closed. Listen for any strange noises. Adjust if necessary. Lubricate moving parts for smooth operation. Check the locking mechanism. Ensure it engages properly. A well-installed cover operates smoothly and securely. Regular maintenance keeps it in good condition. You can check also truxedo tonneau covers

Maintenance Advice

Regular cleaning keeps your Retrax bed cover in good shape. Use a mild soap and water to clean it. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the cover. Dry the cover thoroughly after washing to prevent water spots. Cleaning it once a month is usually enough.

Check for debris in the tracks. This can cause the cover to stick. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt. If the cover is hard to open or close, it might need lubrication. Use a silicone-based spray for best results. Make sure the locking mechanism works well. If not, it may need adjustment or replacement. more help for this video

Professional Assistance

Sometimes, removing a Retrax bed cover can be tough. The cover might be stuck or jammed. You may not have the right tools. If you feel unsure, it’s best to seek help.

Look for professionals with good reviews. Check local auto shops. You can also search online. Qualified providers have the right tools and skills. They ensure the job is done right. This saves time and prevents damage. Always choose certified professionals.


Remove Retrax bed cover is straightforward with the right tools and steps. Follow the guide to ensure a smooth process. Proper maintenance and careful handling extend the cover’s lifespan. For more DIY tips and car accessory guides, visit our blog regularly.

Your truck deserves the best care.

Remove Retrax Bed Cover FAQs

To clean RETRAX, use mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

To unlatch a tonneau cover, locate the latch mechanism. Pull the release lever or handle to disengage it. Lift the cover gently.

RETRAX bed covers offer excellent water resistance. They feature a sealed ball-bearing roller system to keep water out. While not 100% waterproof, they effectively protect against most weather conditions. Proper installation ensures minimal water intrusion.

Begin by opening the cover completely and securing it with the provided latch to prevent movement.

To remove a retractable tonneau cover, unlock the cover and retract it fully. Detach the rails from the truck bed. Unscrew and remove the mounting brackets. Carefully lift the cover off the truck bed. Store components safely.

Introduction To Retrax Bed Covers

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